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21st Century Bearings

19 - 1332 Khalsa Drive
Mississauga, ON L5S 0A2

21ST CENTURY BEARINGS has become a worldwide leader in the supply of Bearings, Linear Motion, and other Mechanical Components. They have been in business since 1991, and have called two different continents home in that time.

21st Century Bearings realize that what they do isn’t seen as glamorous, but if you need a dependable supplier, glamour and flash don’t get the job done. Reliable shipping, a large, available stock, and a fair price are what you are looking for. To that end, they pass the test in every facet.

A few things they've learned in the two-plus decades in this industry:

•Global Sourcing and Product Availability are Vital - They specialize in Precision Bearings & Linear Motion stocking and sourcing. If it exists anywhere, then they can procure it. 21st has a huge stock on hand, and also have access to a global inventory from various manufacturers and distributors.

•Speed is of the Essence – Fast, reliable shipping is their norm. They also offer emergency 24/7 service to save downtime for customers. If you call them at 3am, they will answer the phone. And lightning-fast quotes are part of their repertoire as well. Call 21st Century Bearings at 888.670.9521 and put them to the test.

•Knowledge Counts – Many of their clients rely on their experience to get them the exact parts they need. They also look to them for technical assistance (including Application, Assembly and Maintenance of the parts), which they are happy to provide.

“Obsolete” isn’t in their vocabulary – Parts may get discontinued, but some customers still need them. 21st gladly handle non-standard and obsolete bearings, and are a go-to supplier for that troublesome size nobody else carries.

•Tomorrow is Important – They build partnerships with their clients, and everything they do is predicated on the long-term. 21st Century Bearings realize that they earn future business, and are always aware that the customer's needs matter more than theirs.

•Every Size Company Is Their Customer – While it’s true that their largest clients are quite large, they welcome any sized company into their fold. Whether you need four large orders a day or one small order every four months, you can count on them. Besides, small companies become big companies. If they can help you on your way there, all the better.

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