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3PS, Inc

1300 Arrow Point Drive
Houston, Texas 78613

3PS Exists to Provide Customers 100% Satisfaction
To Accomplish this Goal, They Serve in 3 Ways
3PS Sensors 3PS Systems 3PS Services
3ps, Inc. are Sensor Experts who specialize in the design and manufacture of an extensive variety of ruggedized wireless and hardwired Sensors which must withstand high shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and physical abuse, and inherent in harsh and hazardous environments. Their large installed base of sensors in the air, on the ground, and permanently underwater has proven their high reliability.

Their Systems are composed of in-house designed hardware and software building blocks utilized for system control and monitoring. They must withstand the same harsh conditions as encountered by their wireless and hardwired sensors. This includes the physical abuse inherent when personnel are operating heavy equipment in onshore and offshore environments and in 24/7 factories and plants. 3ps, Inc. also incorporates their Systems into Customers’ central systems.
They provide diverse markets a variety of Services including Technical Services prior to Sensor and System sale and shipment. They also regularly perform Worldwide Field System Commissioning, Service, Training Support and In-House Repair, Remanufacturing and Calibration Services. New customers are encouraged to make use of these services even if their current equipment was originally supplied by another OEM.

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