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A-1 Alloys

3330 Beyer Blvd, Suite "F",
San Diego, California 92173

It is the mission of A1 Alloys division of ABC Metals Incorporated to provide excellent and expedient service in the metal supply and manufacturing industries. This division is focused on procurement services including expediting materials and manufacturing of products. A-1 stocks ferrous, non-ferrous, exotic and precious metals, as well as plastics and other non-metallic materials. They can precision cut to size any of the materials that they sell. Their machine shop, sheet-metal forming, casting, extrusion, and finishing experience allows them to efficiently manufacture products to your drawings & specifications. A-1's customer base includes the aerospace industries, military, industrial, marine, commercial, and government entities. The company's vendors are quality control oriented producers and suppliers of domestic and imported products. The company can arrange freight and expediting to locations all around the globe. A-1 will provide you what you need, when you need it at a competitive price.

A-1 has extensive experience in metals procurement, manufacturing, expediting, and quality assurance. This company knows the scrap metals, precious metals refining, and recycling markets extremely well. They can handle your products from the raw materials procurement, to product manufacturing, and finally to scrap metals disposal.

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