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A-1 Production inc

5809 E. Leighty Road
Kendallville, Indiana 46755

A-1 Production, Inc. is a family owned and operated custom machining facility located in Kendallville, Indiana. Founded in 1949 by Dr. Lawrence Shinabery with a steadfast belief that he could not only provide a superior product, but he could do it on time and be competitive while still providing adequate compensation to his workforce and giving back to the community. They are a company that was founded, in essence, on the principals of being customer driven and a responsible corporate citizen long before it was popular. They are now in their fourth generation of leadership, and these values continue to guide their course.

A-1 Production Inc.'s original market was custom sized hardened and ground bushings for construction equipment, a market they still service, but they have also grown and become more diverse. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and have been continuously certified since 1998. They take quality very seriously, not just in the aspect of meeting customer specifications, but in the quality of workmanship, the pride in making something that is beyond requirements of both form and function.

They are a lean shop, using ideas like SMED, work cells, and value stream mapping to keep custom from turning into costly. Those good habits have also transferred to their office, providing quick processing, lower overhead, and clear communication. The concepts of lean and 5S have been very natural fits for them, and find they help them to be a better supplier by keeping their focus where it should be, on you.

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