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AC & DC powerdrives Systems, Ltd

43 Britannia Way
Lichfield, WS14 9UY

AC and DC systems form the heart of Powertronic Drive Systems Ltd product portfolio. They provide optimum combinations of price, performance, quality and reliability of motion control components from many international manufacturers of electric motors, gearboxes and controllers.

AC and DC systems main markets: industrial, medical, instrument, metering, dispensing, scientific, hazardous area, cryogenic, labelling, space, vacuum, food, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, material handling, transport, measurement, test, access control, communications, robotics and optics.

A dedicated sales team is available for cost-effective quotations of AC and DC systems, to assist with technical support and provide ex-stock or customised solutions from a few Watts to large integral horsepower motors and controls.

They now offer an automation capability that pulls together their huge experience of motors and controls and wraps them within fully customisable PLC/HMI environments. This appeals to Original Equipment Manufacturers by enhancing their products with low cost processing power, brand recognition and options for graphical displays and SMS alerts.

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