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Ambedded Technology

A301-2, No.18, Siyuan St.
Zhongzheng Dist.
Taipei City, Taiwan 10087

Ambedded Technology was founded by team members with rich experiences in embedded computer design, manufacture and services since 1990. Their goal is making their customer’s idea come true by providing their knowledge and resources.

Four fundamentals led to the creation of Ambedded Technology:

●Technology improvements create the new era of embedded computer solution beside the old x86 technologies.

●The success of embedded computer design and service require an overall vision: Application knowledge, Technology, Hardware, Software, Mechanism, and System integration.

●Knowledge of the field is essential in a domain where details make all the difference. Products without excellent technical support can lead to poorly adapted solutions.

●Solutions from product-oriented manufacturers are often biased and incomplete. Only people with the view of application make project success.

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