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ATB Laurence Scott Ltd

Hardy Road
Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1JL

ATB Laurence Scott Ltd is a single source supplier offering premier engineering design and manufacturing of High and Low Voltage AC and DC Electric Motors, along with Electro-Mechanical Power Transmission Products which include Generators, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives, Electro-Pneumatic Clutches, and Brakes.

ATB Laurence Scott is at the centre of Excellence for manufacturing Mid and High Voltage Induction Motors. They take pride in their unique ability to provide customers with over 100 years of technical expertise in fields as diverse as Processing, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas (both exploration and production), Petrochemicals, Water, Sewage, Desalination, Mining, Nuclear, and defence environments.

As part of their policy of continuous improvement they aim to monitor satisfaction of their customer base, both for the performance as a supplier and the performance of their products in service.

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