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C.J. Anderson & Company

4751 N. Olcott Avenue
, IL 60706-4605

Founded in 1910 by C. J. Anderson and his two brothers, the company, CJA, developed and manufactured switches, interlocks and control systems for the fledgling elevator industry in the Midwest. The brothers’ design skills and tool and die making backgrounds led tothedevelopment of many specialized products needed at that time.

In those early years most of the materials used were cast iron. CJA believed that all parts had to be built to last and withstand abuse. Over the years this concept of using the strongest, most durable, long-lived material has been the backbone of C. J. Anderson’s reputation. In fact, many of CJA’s current products still maintain the basic design and construction materials originated many decades ago.

CJA is now the leading manufacturer of water proof and explosion proof elevator components. This is not their heritage, but something that evolved because they saw a need in the industry and answered it, much as C. J. Anderson and his brothers did in the early 1900’s.

They take pride in their long history and reputation for manufacturing quality products that are built to last. This same pride is evident in the design and development of their new products, as demonstrated by the heavy duty materials and parts used in the construction of their water proof and explosion proof products. They hope that while you are using this catalog, you will compare the “old” and “new” elevator components and see that they have brought past quality into the present. In this comparison you will find that product design has changed to work with today’s elevator systems, while construction principles remain the same. The designs are for today and the future.

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