Motion Control Guide
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6036 Belmont Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

camBLOCK brings a new level of portability, scalability, and control to location motion control cinematography.

With a compact modular design the camBLOCK motion control system can be as simple or complex as you need, allowing you to configure a system with pan, tilt, dolly, lens controls, turn tables, and more. All axis of movement are synchronously coordinated through the camBLOCK controller running their custom camBLOCK control software. The graphical touch screen controller allows for precise control through a familiar time line/keyframe interface allowing for real time movement, repeatable moves, advanced motion time lapse, high resolution imaging, and more functionality.

Modular and Scalable
Compact and Portable
Familiar Time line / Keyframe interface
Run at any speed, real time to time lapse
Compatible with modern compact video/film cameras and DSLRs
Unique Multi-Time lapse capability
Stop Animation
Real Time Remote Head
High Resolution Panoramic Photography
and more.

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