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Cambridge Technology Inc

125 Middlesex Turnpike
, MA 01730

While Cambridge Technology has always been the scanning innovator and leader, the key to their market success and growth and the resultant success of their customers has been their operating principles and mission to always be your best scanning partner - yesterday, today and in tomorrow’s emerging laser application markets.

Their company’s keys to always being your best scanning partner are:

Scanning Component & Solution Innovation – Whether it’s making the smallest galvo for a hand piece, the fastest system for Via Hole drilling, powerful user friendly application software or a low cost configurations, they listen to their customer’s and the markets’ needs to enable new laser applications/markets and design the innovative products that meet those needs.

Worldwide Customer & Application Support – With their worldwide installed base across the complete range of laser applications, they have the local resources that you need to help integrate their products, whether it’s components or integrated solutions, into your system design for maximum performance. And, if the technical challenge is beyond the scope of their local resources then their R&D engineers can work with yours.

Best in Class Product Quality and Lifetimes – And, of course, after you’ve integrated their innovative products into your new system and brought it to customers and the market, then you can always depend on that Cambridge Technology consistent manufacturing product quality and lifetime that comes from their rigorous design validation and design-for-manufacturing process, their manufacturing process measurement and control, and their continuous improvement operating philosophy.

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