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Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc.

2160 Redbud Blvd
P.O. Box 2386
McKinney, TX 75069

It takes great courage to undertake a world trip, along with passion, determination and creativity. With an open, loyal and competitive spirit, Luigi, Attilio and Geromino Camozzi embarked upon a journey from Brescia which would ultimately see them conquering the world of fluid power. Supported by today's technology, that long journey continues with the same passion and determination.

After 45 years, it is now the era of the next generation. While paying due respect to the continuity between the generations, the young management belong to a culture which leaves nothing to chance and they are ready to keep the Camozzi spirit alive as they steer it through the Third Millennium. The young know what they want from the future. They have grown up with ordinary principles and values but they are overflowing with energy. The next generation have already become part of the company's management team; after all it is they who will build the future.

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