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Face International Corporation

427 West 35th Street
, VA 23508

Originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Thunder actuators produce comparatively higher force together with larger displacement compared to traditional piezoelectric actuators. Lightning generators offer a highly economical and extremely rugged device for energy harvesting and sensor applications.

Face holds exclusive and non-exclusive licenses from NASA - and Face has its own extensive patent portfolio - related to the design, manufacture and applications of Thunder and Lightning.

The Company is offering for sale a variety of devices whose exceptional performance suggests the wide range of products that could benefit from this powerful technology. Click on Thunder/Lightning Applications above for some examples.

Currently, they can produce these and similar devices by the tens of thousands of units on a monthly basis.

They'll always strive to support all of their customers, not only by supplying them uniformly reliable devices, but also by helping them further their development efforts and successfully integrate Thunder technology into their own products.

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