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J.F. Shaw Company

8 Middlesex Ave
, MA 01887

JF Shaw Co. Inc. is committed to accurate, reliable and cost effective automation solutions for your application’s success.

Company Info

The JF Shaw Co. provides expertise in the design and integration of Industrial Automation components, systems and machinery. Partnering with the most innovative market leading manufacturers they are able to offer a variety of cost effective solutions, so that you may achieve your application success in a variety of methods. Utilizing over 30 years of experience JF Shaw Co takes a leading part in the design and implementation of the area’s leading Factory and Process Automation projects. Successful business relationships and customer satisfaction has insured JF Shaw Co’s successful presence across New England and the World.

Their Shaw Company Engineers offer technical support and specifications for both Mechanical and Electrical application platforms. They deliver high quality products and solutions utilizing their expertise to optimize every operation.

Company History

The Company was founded in 1976 by Jack Shaw and moved to our present location in Wilmington, Massachusetts in 1979. JF Shaw Co. Inc. specializes in the design, integration and implementation of factory and process automation. They have taken a lead role in some of the area’s historic electro /mechanical engineered solutions for industry and manufacturing. In the early 1980’s America was striving to become a global automation provider and JF Shaw seized an opportunity to expand its business into the South Korean market, providing US products for their developing manufacturing economy. Their business plans continue to concentrate on providing the finest automation solutions to all manufacturing sectors.

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