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K & G Power Systems, Inc.

150 Laser Ct.
Hauppauge, NY 11788

After World War II, John Gandolfo Sr. returned home after serving in the Pacific on the USS Boxer, an aircraft carrier. He met Holocaust survivor Abe Korn at an electric motor shop in Brooklyn, New York. In 1949 the company they worked for dissolved so Mr. Korn and Mr. Gandolfo opened K&G Electric Motor and Pump in John's Brooklyn Basement. K&G's first customer was the Coney Island Bumper Car Company.

Throughout the years, KG Power Systems has grown through hard work, great customer relationships, a helpful attitude and quality service. Over the past 60 years they have expanded into a modern 21,000 square foot Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY. Their capabilities have also expanded from Electric Motors to Air Compressors, Pumps, HVAC Fans and Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Process Blowers, Gearing, Generators and Nitrogen Generation.

They have come a long way, but they continue to value each and every customer and will work with you one on one to help you get your equipment running.

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