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Macase Industrial Corp.

3005 Center Place
Suite 100
Norcross, GA 30093

Macase Industrial Corporation, founded in 1988, is a frontline manufacturer of rackmount and server chassises. Although these are the backbone of the company, Macase is widely diversified with products like PC cases, power supplies, heat dissipation products, and a large and growing custom / OEM manufacturing wing. US distribution is located in our new Norcross, GA location, 20 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Macase started with a line of PC cases that were an attractive choice in a look alike whitebox market. The cases were made of thicker steel, fully shielded, came with higher wattage power supplies and strayed from the standard PC “Box” in appearance. They were the case of choice for the system integrator for whom quality was paramount. Those looking for “cheap” cases had many choices, but high quality cases and power supplies were not as easily found.

As times changed so has Macase, focusing resources on the server and rack mounted chassis market. A full line of products were created, some from earlier models with new facelifts, and many were creations derived directly from customer feedback. More fans were added in the cases as processors and components created more heat. Filters that kept dust out, yet could be simply washed and reinstalled were welcomed additions. Macase has never wavered on their quality while evolving the product to meet ever-changing standards.

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