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Memsense, LLC

2693D Commerce Rd.
Rapid City, SD 57702

Vision & History
Memsense is the premier provider of high precision MEMS-based inertial measurement devices and systems. Their products are designed to operate effectively in the most demanding of applications and environments. They provide their customers unsurpassed value by bringing American ingenuity and ruggedness to the design and manufacture of novel high performance inertial devices and systems.

Founded in 2004, Memsense quickly built its reputation as a technological leader by engineering innovative solutions for demanding applications including the Trajectory Correction Kit for the US Army's Multiple Launch Rocket System, a high performance rate sensor system for the Apache gunship's M230 cannon, and a low drift marine navigational aid that displaced a fiber optic gyro.

Memsense's customer base started with the US Army, Navy, Air Force, their prime contractors, and NASA, and is now expanding rapidly in the industrial medical/human motion sectors. They are growing their business by delivering unsurpassed price/performance characteristics in their products and services through the application of inventive software and hardware.

Memsense is headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota. Their North American sales office is located in Mesa, Arizona.

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