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Motor Accessories & Components

2243 Corning Rd
Elmira, NY 14903

Motors Accessories & Components is the US agent for a variety of motor products including IEC AC and DC motors, flameproof motors, medium and high voltage motors, slip-ring motors and roller-table motors for the metals industry. Their specialty is providing cross-reference and replacement for ‘hard to find’ foreign made motors. Additional offerings include components used in the manufacture of AC and DC motors. The above navigation bar will provide further information on the following companies and products:

Kurt Maier Motor-Press

Motor components include stator and rotor laminations, assembled stator and rotor core packs, die-cast aluminum stator housings and end shields, extruded aluminum stator housings, cast iron stator housings, terminal boards and boxes, cooling fans and fan covers, brakes, adjustable motor bases, axial and radial forced ventilation blowers.

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