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P.T. International Corp.


P.T. International Corp. offers a wide range of European Metric and American Standard Industrial Power Transmission Products. Whether in search of replacement parts for Equipment built in Europe, or designing equipment that will export to a metric end use market, or just in search of standard inch (imperial) products, PTI stocks a complete range of mounted bearing and drive related products.

Their field sales reps, inside sales team, and engineers will be happy to assist product selection and review application requirements. Their production plants and PTI in Charlotte are all ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Centrally located in Charlotte NC and authorized distributors conveniently located across the US and Canada. Most shipments are just a day or two away. Products are available 24-7 with their after hours service. International shipments are available just as easy.

If they do not stock your metric product need, they will try their best to help you find it. And if you would like to have one of their sales reps visit, provide training or a detailed product overview, just tell us. They remain committed to exceptional customer service, stock availability and on time deliveries.

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