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Power Engineering & Manufacturing, Ltd.

2635 WCF & N Drive
Waterloo, IA 50703

Power Engineering and Manufacturing, Ltd. is a company that specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of HEAVY DUTY gear boxes. They presently have produced several hundred models for an even greater number of applications and those numbers continue to increase. Their gear boxes are operating throughout the U.S.A. and in more than forty-eight countries around the world. Their product has proven itself in many industries with a wide variety of challenges. Their advanced engineering enables them to reach the greatest power density in the industry and at the same time increase durability and efficiency. They can design and build a gear box that will match a machine's requirements without sacrificing any performance. When they overhaul a competitor's gear box our MEGAGEARS® enable them to triple the service life.

Power Engineering and Manufacturing, Ltd. was established in 1975 through a partnership between Saul Herscovici and several members of the Warren family. From 1975 to his passing in 2007, Saul Hersvovici was President and prime visionary of PEM. He steered this company with a pertinacious fervor and creativity that made them into what they are today. After Saul’s passing, the Warren family purchased full ownership and is now lead by John Warren, President, who is directing them toward a higher caliber of excellence.

Their current facility was specially designed and built in 1992 for Their type of manufacturing. Subsequent additions have brought the current physical size to over 110,000 square feet. Their design department is staffed with mechanical engineers, design engineers, and CAD technicians. A large percentage of their machining operations are completed by CNC machines with the latest software that is linked to their engineering department. They pride themselves on retaining machinists that are highly skilled and are continuously trained on the latest techniques.

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