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Sabina Motors & Controls, Inc

1440 Burton Place
Anaheim, CA 92806

Sabina Motors & Controls, Inc Company History:
Founded by Les Tjelmeland in 1969, Sabina was one of the leading pioneers in the solid state drives industry. At that time Sabina build small Horsepower Dc drives under its own name and also name branding drives for four other manufacturers.

By 1975 Sabina had grown to the point where it needed a newer larger facility. It moved to its current facility at 1440 Burton Place in Anaheim. Since then it has grown to over 32,000 square feet, housing a drives service center, a motor repair facility, and a sheet metal fabrication facility.

Vincent Tjelmeland started working for his father when the company was formed 1969. AS a 12 year old, his original duties included, working in the sheet metal shop, and PC board area. Later Vince graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, with a emphasis on Controls system from CSUF. Most of his time was spent working in applications engineering, and to this day he still coordinates many of the more unique systems SABINA builds.

Adam Tjelmeland is the third generation working within Sabina. His degree is in Business finance. He also attended CSUF for his class work.. Today Adam is working a assistant manager for motor repair division, Sabina technical Services.

Many of the core people at Sabina have been with the company for 30 years or more. There expertise and knowledge of the older products is invaluable. A resource that can be called upon at anytime. Sabina has also added many newer people over the years who embrace the latest digital technologies available.

Sabina Motors and Controls has the largest drives facility on the west coast. Plus Sabina Technical Services and its motor repair facility gives Sabina a well round service base to handle any need a industrial user might have.

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